Monday, February 8, 2010


     It's been a really long time sice I have posted anything!  I know that you life has probably been just as crazy as mine during the hoidays.

Well let me tell you a little about what has been going on in my life lately.  After the holidays I was asked to speak to the Builders Club at Mineola ISD Middle school.  That went really well and let me tell you those kids were fabulous!  The students had great questions and were very interested in what I was talking about.  Afterword I was asked if I would be interested in teaching an author camp this summer.  It is so amazing how God works and put us in situation where we don't have to think about doing his work.  I believe that God has presented these oppurtunities to me so that I can share my story with other people.  What a great place to spread God's word than in a school!

My husband and I also joined a Care Group (bible study group) and we loved it!  We are reading the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn and let me tell you this book really does open your eyes to the place we call Heaven.

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