Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking for a Plan B

I found out on Friday that the venue we wanted may not be avaiable for use on the date we want.  I am now trying to come up with a "Plan B" just in case the "Plan A" falls through.  Although this launch party for my book release seems to be a little bit of a pain I am really enjoying constructing it.  I have the table decorations set and the day and time set, so now I need to work on the guest list and maybe the place.  This is my first book and without God it would not be possible so I want to get the word out so I can spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!! 

The way the book came to play is somewhat long but to make it short I had been praying for a platform to speak Gods word.  I wanted to make a bigger difference in peoples lives than I was.  I had beening praying for about six months when I sat down to write this story and it just happened.  I have never been a writer before and since then I have written 6 more stories and have about 4 more ideas for stories.  God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined.  I have been asked to be a speaker at my local MOPS meeting on September 16 and what a great start to spreading God's word to other mothers just like me!  My release date is September 8 and I am hoping to host my lauch party on Saturday September 12.  I should also start to have book signings in and around the Mineola,Tyler,Longview and Marshall areas. 

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a New Day

Good Morning to All!

Toady started with my boys going to Kids Day Out and me making a list of all the things I need to get done before this afternoon.  I am very much involved with MOPS in Mineola, TX and we are just two weeks away from my book release.  My publisher says we will do the "Media Biltz" after my release date but I am thinking that we should probably already be promoting the release!  I have wonderful friends that are helping me do just that.  I am checking in on the invites today to see if they are ready for print, then calling the venue to make sure everything is good on their end.  Busy busy day, any suggestions on what else I need to do to promote my book??  OH, one more thing I have another friend working on a press release for me and she is doing a great job!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Invites for Launch Party

My friend Jennifer is helping me plan my launch party for the release of my book "That Puppy Dog Took My Boots."  She is a HUGE help and a wonderful supporter!!  I have another friend that is helping me create the invitations for the party.  Crystal is doin a great job with the invite and placement of the cover of the book.  I am so very blessed to have friends that want to see me succeed in this new party of my life journey that God has placed me on. 

I really hope everyone can come, it's going to be at Hide-A-Way Lake Marina Lodge.  This is really exciting and strange to me.  I never thought that writing children's books is what I would be doing at this point in my life but it's great!

Comments, questions....anything else is welcome to help me be a better blogger.  Any comments to help me promote this book is wanted!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hello to all,

Welcome to my new blog. I thought it was time that I have a blog that was only for my book information. This is going to be great second party of the year . My release date is September 8, 2009 and my launch party is tentatively set for September 12, 2009 from 2-4 pm.

I will post more information as soon as I know. I really hope that everyone can come!!!