Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Facebook Stat

Facebook has started sending a weekly notification to me on the stats of my fan page.  This function is new and you don't have to sign up for it.  I LOVE it!  Last week it informed me that I had 1 new fan, 1 comment and 162 people viewed my fan page.(Along with giving you the weeks stats that just ended they also include the prior weeks in parenthesis)  This week I received my notification and was blown away:)  I had 0 new fans, 0 comments and 356 people viewed my page!!!  WOW that's more people just looking than actual fans.

I need to thank all of you for supporting, encouraging and praying for my success!  Let's keep those big numbers coming and pass the word.

THANK YOU and God Bless all of you:)

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  1. Hello Shawna,

    I recently had the opportunity to review That Puppy Dog Took My Boots for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. :) Very cute book--my daughter loved it.

    I have been trying to find a publisher for a few children's manuscripts that I have written, but as a newbie, it is difficult!!!!

    After seeing who published your book, I decided to check Tate Publishing out. Well, I have submitted to Tate and have been assigned an acquistions representative.

    I am hoping you may have a few moments to give some input about Tate and the process before I answer the 4 questions. One of my main concerns is the upfront money!! I would love to know about your experience--it seems like things are going well for you. :)

    Blessings to you and your journey!
    email--brandi at autumnfawn dot net